Woodlands Park Pony Club

Wilberforce, NSW


Information for Members

Secretary: Wendy Weibye

Phone: 02 4571 2907

Mobile: 0429 648 586

E-mail: woodies@jatona.com


Website issues: David@jatona.com

* Registration generally is on the last Saturday of January at the grounds from 9am to 11am.  The cost is $200 for the first rider and parents and $100 each for each extra riders.  We normally have a working bee on at this time and require ride on mowers, whipper snippers, a chain saw or two, and a couple of trailers to enable us to pick up sticks etc..

* Our first rally day is normally the first Sunday of February.  A reminder that uniform for rally days is any colour jodhpurs, club polo shirt, club jacket or jumper if cool, approved helmets and boots.  The rally day will commence with gates open at 8.30 and 9am start for gear check.

* Rally Days are held on each first and third Sunday of each month.

* Riders are put into groups at the start of the year which are usually based on riding ability but also on age.  Riders are no longer allowed to leave the group because they donít like the activity that may be going on.  They will have to remain with their group at all times and at least attempt the activity even slowly is good for the horse.  We can no longer have riders riding randomly around the grounds.  Please make sure that you and your rider are aware that pony club is a multi-discipline organisation and that if your rider only wants to do one discipline then pony club may not be the right place for them.  All riders are expected to attempt all activities.

* Please remember that riders are not† to ride in the carparks, so please get them to lead their horses to the arenas and mount there.

* We are a no dog venue.. so please leave your dogs at home.

* Any cars that are not attached to floats etc, should be parked behind the clubhouse out of the way of the horses.

* Please ensure you sign in at the desk each rally day and make sure that any person who is there with your family is added to this list. This is our attendance book for all insurance purposes.

* At the end of each year at the presentation day we give out numerous trophies for each age group. To be eligible for these you must have attended 50% of rally days if you are under 15 years or 3 rally days if you are over 15.  These include 100% attendance (this is from your registration day to the last rally day of the year and you must have attended from gear check to lunch and if you are unmounted then you must still attend and help on the day), gear and grooming award (which is for each rally day when you come that you are given marks for your cleanliness of your self your pony and your gear) and zone and state attendance for going to any  of these events, and also the Horsemanship awards. 

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