Woodlands Park Pony Club

Wilberforce, NSW


Jatona Chihuahuas

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Below are some links to related websites. Either Pony Club related, or our sponsors, or just links that you may find useful.

The Pony Club Association of New South Wales


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Zone 26

Email: zone26pcansw@gmail.com

The Pony Club of Australia       


To contact us:

Phone: 02 4571 2907

Mobile: 0429 648 586

E-mail: woodies@jatona.com

Mustad Saddleworld at North Richmond

02 4571 2909



Dressage Tests a full copy of all the tests to download is HERE


Or at the Dressage Website, HERE


And summary of 2017 rule changes HERE


Or the website with all the mud-maps is:-